Our Story

2R-4T is an information-technology company headquartered in Dubai and Arizona. Our team consists of experienced expert stylists, developers, designers, and other knowledgeable specialists who have collaborated for over 8 years to create this project.

By combining the latest in scientific technology with their personal styling expertise, they have meticulously designed every aspect of our system.

Our Mission

We guide individuals on their style journey, making it effortless to reach their full style potential. The fashion industry often preys on our desire for social acceptance, but we encourage women to embrace their unique style aura. Everyone woman deserves access to real styling advice.

By understanding why, they make certain purchases, what fits them best, and how to select the right style options, our users can develop a love for their clothes and make informed decisions. At 28-Styling, we prioritize conscious fashion consumption and aim to help users reduce their environmental impact. Through small changes, we can create a big impact and contribute to a better world.

Trust your intuition and follow our guidance. 28-Styling is your personal style angel, guiding you toward the best and right fashion choices.