Humanized Ai styling

Before we spill our styling secrets and share God's Gift to styling, let's take a moment to explore the types of styling you may have seen before...

  • The One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Ever felt boxed in by fashion apps that seem to miss your unique style? They often show you outfits based on algorithms, not personal preferences, using basic data and generic lists. But style is personal, and we believe you deserve someone who understands and celebrates your individuality.​
  • "Personalized" Styling Sessions: It's so frustrating scheduling fashion sessions that miss the mark...you wait days for a mood board that often feels impersonal, even for special occasions; but we're here to make style about you again, so it's a joy rather than a task.​
  • Questionable Influencer Advice: These days it's hard to trust sources like popular influencers who promote their own agendas. You're encouraged to follow these tips to stay "on-trend" without considering your unique style and needs. It's high time for personalized advice that's actually for you, not just generalized sponsored content. ​

Liking outfits and collecting sizes shouldn't define personal styling. That’s not what it should all be about. We know there are still qualified stylists out there, but they're overshadowed by the status quo.

We're here to shake things up!

It’s the parallelism of customer physical, personal, commercial, and rational preferences with the item attributes such as the cut, color, fabric, fitting, modesty, and trendiness to analyze, detect and validate the variety of impacts every focal point could do or change. It’s Hyper personalized (individualized).

Spending years collecting and studying personal styling, the fashion industry, and collaborating with women’s medical professionals, psychologists, and designers made us beyond any familiar perception of styling anyone could have. As there are more than 109 factors that should be covered and considered, this is not a job for mankind

At that moment we realized ….its a mighty job, and here where AI comes in