Empowered fashion designs

Stop. Fantasize for a minute; imagine becoming a woman who makes the rules, and guides her style based on her vision; a trendsetter. What would your authentic style be, if you hadn't been misguided by a fashion industry more focused on trends than your unique individuality?

Inspo look:
If you've ever thought about designing your own garments or having your own studio, let us guide those dreams into a reality. What if your inspo look could be seen out in the world one day?

Inspiration is everywhere, from the movie you watched recently, to a song you just remembered, from someone you adore, or most importantly from your own mind.

The world’s not ready for you, sis!

Your designs are about to hit the scene, and guess what? We've got your back. Choose your desired cut from our digital collection, pick the fabric and colors that speak to you, then add your favorite prints or patterns, and customize it with alterations like cut-outs, ripped details, and more. Accessories too! Then, get ready to see it all come to life as you visualize how your creation will look on your MetaYou.

But we're not just gonna leave you hanging, we can even take it a step further and find similar designs that could be out there. We'll do the search if you want to get your hands on them now! Consider it a seriously divine gesture from us to you. ​

Why keep wondering... create,  then try before you buy.