28-Styling's Try-On feature allows you to enjoy the luxury of trying on any brand or style of clothing, in the palm of your hand. With the ability to put your closet in your pocket, you can wear anything, anywhere, anytime, without the hassle of going to a physical store. Our users can try on clothes in real-time and see how they look on their MetaYou, a digital replica that reflects their true selves. 

While some platforms create avatars for users to escape reality, 28-Styling is dedicated to helping users create avatars that truly represent their unique selves. Our MetaYou allow users to create a precise representation of their personal style, reflecting what they look like, so they can master the challenges of everyday fashion. The fitting room and shopping experience have been revolutionized to provide women with a stress-free and satisfying shopping experience.

Adding garments to your virtual closet is easy; you can snap a photo, use our browse feature to search and enter URLs, or even screenshot photos from social media and fashion brand websites. With our vast fashion library of over 100,000 items that are curated by our team of expert stylists, you can add items to your virtual closet with ease.