At 28-Styling, we believe that businesses and users should have the power to shape how individuals connect to the world through style choices. Our platform offers a range of features that seamlessly integrate with brands, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to connect and collaborate with their customers on true style wants and needs.

Our "try-on" feature lets users upload their wardrobes or eCommerce website URLs to see how any outfit looks on them via their 'Metayou' avatar. Using our advanced algorithm, we can recommend items to users, creating a way to hyper-personalize the consumer experience. This allows brands to gather predictive analytics on sales data and variables, tailoring their marketing strategies to reach more customers.

With our 'before you buy' feature, users can compare brand prices and similar items, making the best purchase decision. Our algorithm fully understands our user's style patterns, which saves money on returns and fosters customer loyalty. This bridges the gap between the way businesses and consumers interact, benefitting everyone. As we gain a better understanding of our users, we can help generate more leads for sellers with better results for buyers.

Virtual fashion has become just as important as real-life fashion, and at 28-Styling, we plan to move with the rest of the world. We offer a seamless transition to the world of gaming, AR fashion, and more. By collaborating with us, businesses can gain a competitive edge by staying on top of the latest trends and advancements in the industry. With our many collaborative features, businesses can build strong relationships with their customers while providing an exceptional shopping experience.