Unleash your inner fashion designer with our powerful Studio feature. Bring your fashion ideas to life with our 3D sketch tool, complete with patterns, cuts, colors, and more.

Whether you want to create a full outfit or a single garment, our Studio feature allows you to easily design and save your creations for later. And the best part? You can see how your designs fit on your MetaYou avatar, bringing your vision to life before you even hit the sewing machine.

Get creative and design your perfect wardrobe with ease using 28-Styling.


With MetaYou, you can create a digital avatar of yourself that can virtually try on any outfit in your wardrobe, or items you're interested in purchasing.
See exactly how any garment looks and fits, and experiment with new styles and trends to inspire your true aesthetic. With this feature, you can confidently make purchase decisions and create your ideal wardrobe without the hassle of physically trying on each item.